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Vicious Crusade
Стиль: death\thrash
Город: Минск

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«Life That Kills» - 1996, 1997

Трэк лист:

1. Land Of Lakes
2. Chains Of Tyranny
3. The Verge of Extinction
4. Pariah
5. In Articulo Mortis
6. Arm of the Invisible
7. Misery
8. Exalted Liar
9. Voice of Eternity
10. Life That Kills

Декабрь 1996. Первое издание. 50 копий. Издан за счет музыкантов. Записан на студиях Scat Records и X-Noise Factory (Май, Октябрь 1996).
Трэк лист:

1. Land Of Lakes
2. Chains Of Tyranny
3. The Verge of Extinction
4. Pariah
5. In Articulo Mortis
6. Arm of the Invisible
7. Misery
8. Exalted Liar
9. Voice of Eternity
10. Life That Kills

Март 1997. Второе издание. Издатель — “LEGION Productions”.

 1. Land of Lakes.
 (lyrics by Dmitry Basik) 
 Here I am uncouth and wild
 Here I am tolerant and mild
 Look at me, your neglected child,
 My hard-hearted Land of Lakes.
 You gave me birth but drained my soul,
 You cut my wings and let me fall,
 Where are you, can't you hear my call,
 Oh my callous Land of Lakes?
 You bereaved my heart, shut up in jail,
 You took my home to put up for sale,
 Where is your love, will it prevail
 In my cruel Land of Lakes?
 You never showed you needed me,
 You never loved and will never be,
 You've killed your child can't you see,
 My dear mother, my Land of Lakes?
 Hey-ho, born to be your child,
 Hey-ho, living through the aches,
 Hey-ho, burn to be your child,
 I hail you Land of Lakes! 
 2. Chains of Tyranny.
 (lyrics by D. Basik & Al. Vertel) 
 Despotism of power, ideology's dictate,
 Triumph of the suffering, violence and hate,
 Freedoms are abolished, objection's an offence,
 The only way to stay alive's implict obedience. 
 Hate, violence, opprecion, despair, misery, depression,
 Suspiciousness, dismay, personality's decay,
 You're obedient faithful slave. 
 You persecute your father, your neighbour you defame,
 In the hunt on public enemies hound is your name,
 Your tyrant is your prophet, his power is your pride,
 You suffocate, deteriorate, hate him deep inside. 
 Oh so paltry thy look in the faceless crowd,
 Thy protest, desperate cry dare not say aloud,
 Faithful beast, deaf and blind, faceless without me,
 Doomed to live and to die in thy slavery... 
 3. The Verge of Extinction.
 (lyrics by D. Basik & Al. Gladysh) 
 The voices of riots, overflowed with hate,
 Returning to life tell the truth,
 The tongues of indictment,
 Nailed to history's gate,
 Revenge for inflicted abuse.
 The mutinous souls, once refused to submit,
 Find peace and release,
 And cut off throats of the prophets accrete,
 Appealing to progenies. 
 Marching on the verge of extinction,
 Marching on the arms of revolt. 
 The heroes of the senseless massacres
 Get to the dump of time,
 And the masters of the human circus
 Encourage another crime.
 Through the centuries of the affliction and pain
 Rises rage breaking chains on its way,
 And the crucified dream, reviving again,
 Calls fevered minds to tray. 
 4. Pariah.
 (lyrics by Dmitry Basik) 
 With dismay you meet the rising dawn,
 Tired of the endless roam,
 You've lost your way and there is no return
 To the place you long ago called home.
 With a burnt out soul and broken will,
 After years of pain you've suffered through,
 With every freedom-loving breath they'd kill,
 There's nothing left of the real you 
 Blind to your pain, deaf to all the words you say,
 Never even cared to take you as you are,
 Crippling your life, treated you like nasty stray,
 Refused to be their slave, you're labeled pariah. 
 Life has past, and all is gone,
 And bleeding mind no longer cares,
 And only labeled heart and crown of thorns
 Still bring you back in your nightmares... 
 Living in the hell they proudly call society,
 Burning with the hate they've sown in your heart,
 Trying to retain your life grain of sanity,
 Which let you be yourself which stamps you pariah. 
 I've got no heart, I've got no thoughts, I've got no face,
 I suffocate, I can't tear out from your embrace,
 And day by day, through all my life I obey your will,
 I'm just the one among the crowd you slowly kill. 
 5. In articulo mortis.
 (lyrics by Elena) 
 Mon Dieu, dis-moi, comment dois-je exister?
 Mon Dieu, dis-moi, comment fuir les pйchйs?
 Mon Dieu, dis-moi, puis-je surmonter le monde
 Qui naоt, qui meurt et ne que hurle et gronde?
 Rйponds, mon Dieu, comment y dois je pйrir
 Pour toutes les fois ne pas mourir?..
 Mon Dieu, dis-moi, comment sauve-t-on sa chair?
 Mon Dieu, dis-moi, comment faire la priиre?
 Mon Dieu, dis-moi, puis-je exhumer sa peur
 Qui me fera renaitre en candeur?
 Rйponds, mon Dieu, ne suis-je pas si exйcrable
 Pour que je te change contre le Diable?
 6. Arm of the Invisible.
 (lyrics by D. Basik & Al. Vertel) 
 Master's the one who pays, I'm the thing that imposes his sight,
 His lie I turn to truth — bribes are always right.
 Inconstancy I maintain, perjury, flattery are admired,
 Just like a venal maid I'm despised, but still I'm desired. 
 I'm your way to the power, moral decease,
 I'm the invisible mower of destinies. 
 You're rich, will it be long? No one insured in that vicious play,
 And slab you stand upon may as well crash you someday.
 Masters — I overlive them all now exalt — tomorrow abuse,
 One thing's unchangeable I rule, you only loose.
 Master's the one who pays, I'm the thing that imposes his rave,
 Play this dirty game where I am master and you are my slave. 
 7. Misery.
 (lyrics by Dmitry Basik) 
 Don't ask me I'll tell you no truth, locked the door of my mind,
 Don't call me I'm too deaf to hear and my feelings too blind,
 Don't plant the seeds of your love, now my soul is dead land,
 I am gone on my ruins of past in the kingdom of sand. 
 Desperate play with dying me
 Passionate play of misery. 
 I'm the book with the pages torn out, I'm a worn out dress,
 You will never slake your heart's thirst in my sea of distress,
 Never more the tune of my life will resound in the air,
 Run away and leave me alone on my road of despair. 
 8. Exalted Liar.
 (lyrics by Dmitry Basik) 
 Hypocrite, Public cheat,
 The one for seat, Votes' hunter.
 Nose to the wind I please them all, stay afloat.
 I'm your friend until you fall — your defeat's my gloat.
 Ignore the moral and betray the vows you made,
 Fair is the faul play if makes the grade. 
 Lie is every word you say,
 Lie — your guide on vile way,
 Lie — success of your career,
 Lie, so barefaced so clear. 
 Rancour's while, The endless guile,
 Bloody style, Brawl for power.
 Vote for me, trust my lie blind defender,
 I'll send your sons on war to die for my grandeur.
 Sow dissension in the nation, despondency,
 Make you hunger in privation, misery. 
 Raped the trust, Eyes in dust,
 Time of lust, Liars' elections.
 Choice is made, you vote for lie, exaltation,
 See you proudly glority his domination,
 Cheated by his scurvy show, weak-willed fool,
 Bow bondservant to your fee, be proud he rules. 
 9. Voice of Eternity.
 (words taken from the New Testament) 
 Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
 Blessed are the gentle, for they shall inherit the earth.
 Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy.
 Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
 For they shall be satisfied.
 Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall comforted.
 Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.
 Blessed are you when men cast insults at you and persecute you
 And say all kinds of evil against you falsely on account of Me.
 But woe to you who are rich,
 For you are receiving your comfort in full.
 Woe to you who are well fed now, for you shall be hungry.
 Woe to you who laugh now, for you shall mourn and weep.
 Woe to you when all men speak well of you,
 For in the same way their fathers used to treat the false prophets. 
 10. Life That Kills.
 (lyrics by Elena, D. Basik, An. Kanapilov) 
 The flashes of the dawn I see, new day's arising but not for me,
 I'll look no longer at the blazing vault of heaven.
 Now everything's gone and this is the end,
 To put the point won't flinch the hand,
 My time has come and soon I'll leave forever...
 Maintenant que je vois les reflets de l'aurore
 D'un jour qui va naоtre, pas plus pour mon coeur.
 Je regarderai, pas longtemps, cette voыte de l'Amour...
 Toute chose disparue, c'est la fin qui en suit,
 Un gros point final est bien dйjа mis,
 Mon temps expirй, et jo dois m en aller pour toujours. 
 ...and it was the third hour when
 they crucified him. And the
 inscription of charge against him
 read: The King of the Jews. And
 those who passing by were hurling
 abuse at him, wagging their heads
 and saying, “You who are going to
 destroy the temple and rebuild it in
 three days, save yourself and
 come down from the cross.”
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