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Faces Of Vice - 1997


1. Hymn to My Dying Land
2. Patriot Games
3. Pariah (brutal edit)
4. Land of Lakes

 1. Hymn to My Dying Land
 (Lyrics by Dm. Basik & Al. Vertel)
 Stand for the nation brought to knees,
 Oh the sons of courage,
 Stand for the land where you were born!
 Stand for the nation brought to knees,
 Oh the sons of courage,
 Stand for the land that you call home! 
 Hey, the land of enslaved nation,
 Break your dream, open your eyes.
 Rend the chains of humiliation,
 From your bleeding knees arise!
 How long you'll endure the pain
 To burst out your martial moan?
 How long will the tyrants reign
 In my turned to prison home? 
 Will I ever see the sunshine
 Breaking thunder clouds wall?
 Will be ever free the country,
 My Native Land I proudly call? 
 2. Patriot Games
 (Lyrics by M. Schur, Dm. Basik, Al. Vertel)
 Mi rival, quin eres t que me has hecho tu blanco?
 Quir llen tu espritu de este rencor a tu hermano?
 Eres un carnvoro perro feroz de tus amos
 Querra es, su inters, que t y yo detestamos. 
 Lofty aims... humanity...
 Hypocritical fighting for seat.
 Empowered nonenties,
 How sweet your insolent deceit!
 (Mean deceit)
 Benefactors with swears' bait,
 Stuck on the hook of civil war.
 Spawn of vipers, sowing hate,
 Your power bought by nation's gore.
 Patriot games  what are they for?
 Patriot games  I want them no more! 
 Ttere de imbciles, t quemaste la casa.
 Qu te di tu ciego dios por comenzar esta caza?
 Voy a ser tu vctima, puede ser t sers ma,
 El final ser igual: una mortal agona... 
 Patriot games  what are they for?
 Patriot games  I don't need no more!
 3. Pariah.
 (lyrics by Dmitry Basik) 
 With dismay you meet the rising dawn,
 Tired of the endless roam,
 You've lost your way and there is no return
 To the place you long ago called home.
 With a burnt out soul and broken will,
 After years of pain you've suffered through,
 With every freedom-loving breath they'd kill,
 There's nothing left of the real you 
 Blind to your pain, deaf to all the words you say,
 Never even cared to take you as you are,
 Crippling your life, treated you like nasty stray,
 Refused to be their slave, you're labeled pariah. 
 Life has past, and all is gone,
 And bleeding mind no longer cares,
 And only labeled heart and crown of thorns
 Still bring you back in your nightmares... 
 Living in the hell they proudly call society,
 Burning with the hate they've sown in your heart,
 Trying to retain your life grain of sanity,
 Which let you be yourself which stamps you pariah. 
 I've got no heart, I've got no thoughts, I've got no face,
 I suffocate, I can't tear out from your embrace,
 And day by day, through all my life I obey your will,
 I'm just the one among the crowd you slowly kill. 
 4. Land of Lakes.
 (lyrics by Dmitry Basik) 
 Here I am uncouth and wild
 Here I am tolerant and mild
 Look at me, your neglected child,
 My hard-hearted Land of Lakes.
 You gave me birth but drained my soul,
 You cut my wings and let me fall,
 Where are you, can't you hear my call,
 Oh my callous Land of Lakes?
 You bereaved my heart, shut up in jail,
 You took my home to put up for sale,
 Where is your love, will it prevail
 In my cruel Land of Lakes?
 You never showed you needed me,
 You never loved and will never be,
 You've killed your child can't you see,
 My dear mother, my Land of Lakes?
 Hey-ho, born to be your child,
 Hey-ho, living through the aches,
 Hey-ho, burn to be your child,
 I hail you Land of Lakes! 
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