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Стиль: grindcore
Город: Минск

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«Diarrhoea Blessings!!» - 2001

Трэк лист:

1. The Blackest Guy Ever
2. Holy Defecator
3. 70 Slaughtered Whores
4. Donald Duck's Funeral
5. Cunt Attack
6. The Desperate Scream Of The Vermin Awaken From The Nightmare Seen In The Anal Tract Of The Half Decomposed Cadaver In The State Lincoln Cemetery
7. Necroclitoral Spermoclimax Zombie
8. Repugnant Penetration
9. Kurt Cobain's Merry Resurrection
10. Mongolian Asses Mutilator
11. Maggots' Paradise
12. Computer Malfunction
13. Final Flatus


I live in Africa I'm a fuckin' nigga I'm a true black metallist I believe in Sheitan AAARRRRGGGGHHHH Sheitan ! Shalom, Africa! AAARRRRGGGGHHHH Sheitan ! Shalom, Africa! THE HOLY DEFECATOR Once a very young and pious priest Was rushing to his neat glittering church for the service On his way he bought a pizza to satisfy his greedy womb But unfortunately the pizza was infected by salmonella germs Which were passed on to it by a dirty Italian bitch cook So by the time the pastor got to his service His stomach was in pathetic disaster He couldn't help shitting exactly on the saint altar Three of the icons including the holy trinity were stained The brand-new cassock was completely ruined That's what food unscrupulousity may lead to. Amen! 70 SLAUGHTERED WHORES I'm the bringer of justice I hate motherfucking whores like you I got seventy clitores in my collection Yours will be number seventy one !!! DONALD DUCK'S FUNERAL Donald duck has eaten too much cake At Goofy's birthday Now all his guts are hanging from All possible holes Soon there will be Donald Duck's funeral! Donald Duck's funeral! Donald Duck's funeral! Donald Duck's funeral! Donald Duck's funeral! CUNT ATTACK While licking a pussy getting stuck Absorbed by abyss, the cunt attack Absorbed in a vulgar indecent way The putrid whore's lust is quenched The fathomless depth's lustfully bubbling Absorbed victim's pitifully mumbling Purple clitoris demands more Stop this fucking nuts grindwhore!!! THE DESPERATE SCREAM OF A VERMIN AWAKEN FROM A NIGHTMARE SEEN IN THE ANAL TRACT OF A HALF-DECOMPOSED CADAVER AT STATE LINCOLN CEMETARY Yyyyyyyyyyiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee!!!!!! NECROCLITORAL SPERMOCLIMAX ZOMBIE The ugly stinking bitch is finally placed six feet under Everyone breathed out with relief but unfortunately that wasn't forever Her rotting genitals are swelling, sudden clitoral confusion's so acute Makes her crush the walls of coffin and step on the highway purging waste Morbid eyes are scanning night air craving for fatal intercourse The zombie won't be stopped until she's tasted all pricks in the world ! REPUGNANT PENETRATION Repugnant invaders slowly penetrate As you feel them crawling in your anal tract Now they are eager to have some meal Of your decayed innards mixed with defecation KURT COBAIN'S MERRY RESURRECTION Oh, who's there manifesting In deep cadaveric stains Coated with pulsating ulcers Skin rugs creep after him Maggot-infested Kurt Cobain's head Decay manifested Kurtie smells bad But still smallish cunties Are tearing their boobies Divinating contagious buck A putrid punk guru MONGOLIAN ASSES MUTILATOR (EVPATY KOLOVRAT) I've slaughtered a thousand Mongolian stinking asses I pissed in their narrow eyesockets And shitted on your Budulay Ghenghiz-khan, suck my dick! Ghenghiz-khan, suck my dick! Ghenghiz-khan, suck my dick! You yellow bastard ape! MAGGOTS' PARADISE Oh, my sweetheart maggots My lovely little creatures I'll build you a very tiny house From my stinking crap - OOOHHH! You will live there happily Swarming merrily in shit I'll build you a little swimming pool Of putrid swine urine! COMPUTER MALFUNCTION FINAL FLATUS (DEATHLY FART, DEAD SMART)

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