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Hate The World Again - 2002


1. Flight Of The Valkyrie
2. Black Depression
3. Sorrows Of Satan
4. Children Of The Wolf

 Fading down alone in despair
 Frost & moon are like bullets in my head
 Never will forever stay the never
 And my black depressionIl never end 
 Faceless world and mask of the unknown
 Fear of to live & of to die
 Never will forever stay the never
 And my black depressionIl never end 
 Movements full with pain
 Thoughts of darkest sence
 Alien in bloody reign
 Aint able to defense 
 Minds where to live is it to die
 Where all morning are like death
 Roads to heaven are to hell
 Nothing could change it fucking well 
 Forgive me father  for Ive sinned
 Nothing but silence & sound of wind 
 Theres no salvation in belief
 Dont try to find it in books
 So many words for simple things
 Justice & hatred & love 
 Crowds of indeferented faces
 Citiesre like beats with opened jaws
 Never will forever stay the never
 So my black depression will never die.
 Lucifer who fell from skies
 The son of Dawn the strongest Almightys foe
 Every throught of human being
 Belong to him he reads in hearts of us
 Sorrows are eternal Sorrow of Satan
 All wars & blood black hopes & crimes
 All gold cant help you man rise
 Father forgive but Ill destroy these stupid worms of you creation
 I want be back but they cant help me
 I know the chance but theres no way to succeed
 For all that you do curse you all men, Curse forever
 He never lies when buys your soul
 He pays the price but if you want
 You always know for what youre paid
 Give him a chance to rise again
 Christ denied me he was first but last one
 Sorrows of my soul are that none denies me
 Thousand years millions men but no chance to rise back
 Only few realized who was I but too late
 Million chances no result & no chance to rise back
 Sorrows of my soul are that none denies me.
 Frozen morning in forgotten land
 Time is coming passing like a send
 People kill the wolves for just the fun
 But today we dont want to run 
 Live forever between life & death
 Our hatreds growing like abscess
 Were the children of the wolf with our faith
 And well fight for it till our fucking death 
 No one follows & none gives a fuck
 For our tribe on our way to dark
 Were children of the wolf with our pride
 And well fight for it till everyone will die 
 Only the hate helps us survive now
 Maybe none will stay alive today
 Nearer faces of our foes
 Someone will live someone will die of cause 
 Death everywhere blazing & shooting on us
 But our tusk will find some throats at last
 Were not lambs  Were the wolves your know
 And so the people better so shoot crows 
 Die for freedom die by human hands
 Death of freedom  evolutions end
 People kill the wolves to stay alive
 But as soon were dead they also have to die 
 We see faces in the morning mist
 Full with fear of to kill & live
 We dont care their rifles blaze
 We remember that the Freedom has the bloody taste.
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