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Morbid Victory
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Seven Songs About The Hate - 2001


1.Morbid Victory
2.Celtic Cross
3.Seeds Of The Hate
4.Hatred Is Me
5.The Dawn Of Witchcraft
6.Let All My Enemies Die
7.Sorrows Of Satan

 Bowing to no one, I belive in myself
 Morbids my credo & Morbids my name
 Searching the freedom I feel only pain
 Because Im Morbid remember my name
 Blessed in Hate, betrayed by world
 Reborn in pain, but free to fight
 Ive known too much about this stinking world
 This information kill me day by day
 All my days are dark, but I try to belive to in my Victory
 Victory in blood
 I remember all false & betrayings
 I hate all the people who conforms this world
 I know that my hatred is holy & clean
 So I live for my victory throught hate
 None will see me on my knees
 None will stop me telling truth
 My Morbid victory
 My evil is blessings my hate is so sweet
 Cause Morbids my felling & as Morbid I bleed
 Searching the freedom I feel only pain
 Because Im Morbid  remember my name
 Im sick to vomit of all the bloody truth
 That I carry inner my bleeding mind
 I so want to love the world, but I cant stop the hate
 Hatred is the life  Victory throught hate
 My victory will come like a light from the darkest skies
 Last chance to show the ways for the blind ones
 Chance to destroy & reconstruct the world
 By my Victory Victory in blood.
 I stand inside this circle of doom
 This sign is mine I know it for sure
 Theres no way back this is my fate
 Only four words are real for me
 Sign of the great land, ancient pride
 You feel the wisdom inside Celtic Cross
 Look in my eyes, youll see the green flame
 Flame of revenge for my ancestors blood
 Look at my face therere signs of death
 Death of my foes for these only four words
 Duty Fight Death Freedom
 Hail you now from the dark of the oblivions past
 You are our heir of the pain & the proud till you die
 Death to the everyone who is doing harm to your own proud
 Fight you are free to fight for you own right & until you die
 Due to protect the weak from the cruel shit if the blood is split
 Free to live & die with the sword in hand till you bloody end.
 Alone & waste I roam through trees
 Remembering the nation of mighties & kings
 Swords are rust shields turned into dust
 The skulls of the warriors are home for the worms
 Im one who was left for life
 But thats not the life but suffering
 Nation of the lords reigned this Earth
 Since time of world creation
 Wisdom & the force made us Kings on kinds & masters
 Our knowledge was so great but we didnt know the hatred
 Darkest Foe knowing that came to us from darkest void
 Blind insanity overall vanity grown day by day seeds of the hate
 Clarity came dawn one day to me  Im free 
 Hatred killed & destroyed all my worlds to dust
 I started fight having blood cool taught on the cleaver
 & kill all fool
 Not all the nation stood on my side 
 We were divided by hatred & pride
 Ragering majesty nomad & furgetive
 Im only one to know the truth
 Forbiddeb poetry of days of my youth
 Sons & daughters of the great land it the time for final war
 Rise you hands & rise you fist now
 We must win or die today
 Try to have no hate to brothers
 Which will fight on other side
 Kill them all & save their souls
 Black & poisoned by the hate
 Battlefield under sun which shines in sky forever
 Two armies face to face with no chance to stop the slaughter
 I rise my hand & last fight is raging like flame
 See my friends die Im searching my great foe
 So he stands face on to me  Im here
 Ill put him down on his knees or die
 I fought him cool like pieces of ice
 He was like snake & injured me twice
 So he is over I turn round my head
 See no survivers  everyones dead.
 Hate to breath the common air with them
 Lies & filth are human main features
 False around at home & in religion
 Men, you are sick in all you call the normal
 Breathing this poisonful air I live on now I dont care
 Hatred is me and I dare to be your painful nightmare
 Meaningless movements & deeds gathering of proudless shit
 Hatred is me Im alive  Ill have you all till I die
 Nail me to cross for love Ive lost
 Cut off my tongue for all Ive done
 What do you call love I do perfectly know
 Only lost words nothing at all
 Practice indifference preaching the love:
 All of your problems is you personal stuff
 Gloomy existence through moral filth
 False everywhere stupidity kills
 Forbidden holiday, hammersmashed wings
 Gratings around slavery links
 Hate ablaze my eyes with bloody fire
 Grinds to dust your hopes to live in peace
 (You) play the games of violence on brains
 Men, youre sick in all you call the normal
 Rebelling hatred in mind  you bloody world must be ground
 Hatred is me & I dare to be your awful nightmare
 Pain & truth I confess I will stay free till my death
 Nail me now to the cross for fucking mercy Ive lost.
 Sky is like blood split on the glass
 Magic is in air & its really so
 Forbidden pipers play forbidden songs
 Ashes to ashes & dust to dust
 Circle of nine men chanting the spells
 And the naked beauties dancing around
 They wait the sun to make fairy complete
 And to compel their enemies bleed
 Drink my blood for me I will teach to fly
 I forever but Ill never die
 Entrance in the skies exit from the Earth
 We will never die we do know the Death
 Follow me till end I will show the stars
 Leave the load of land my blood on altar
 Drink my blood for me I will teach to fly
 Its not blasphemy that will never die.
 Let all my enemies die by my hand it forever will make me free
 Let them all die by my sword for all that theyve done for all their
 Wicked lies
 There wont be sacrifice no Gods stand amidst us
 For all my proudfull hate Ill send them right down to hell
 Blood on my hands & face Im free at last
 Dancing on their graves grinding them to dust
 Let all my enemies die Im sick to vomit with their lies
 Nothing will save their now Im bloody hunter for their souls
 If theres justice on Earth nothing will forbids me to take their lives
 And for all goodness on Earth let all my enemies die
 Bloody world full with lies its quiet normal if someone dies
 Hail my friend, you betrayed all our youth by your lies
 I free you from you shame to lie again, again & again
 Rest in peace my ex-friend my sword frees you from your pain
 Let all my enemies die all the betrayers & preachers of peace
 Vengeance for pain is mine for all betraying & all broken hopes
 There wont be sacrifice  heaven is empty but welcome to hell
 For all illusions Ive lost welcome to circle of eternal frost.
 Lucifer who fell from skies
 The son of Dawn the strongest Almightys foe
 Every throught of human being
 Belong to him he reads in hearts of us
 Sorrows are eternal Sorrow of Satan
 All wars & blood black hopes & crimes
 All gold cant help you man rise
 Father forgive but Ill destroy these stupid worms of you creation
 I want be back but they cant help me
 I know the chance but theres no way to succeed
 For all that you do curse you all men, Curse forever
 He never lies when buys your soul
 He pays the price but if you want
 You always know for what youre paid
 Give him a chance to rise again
 Christ denied me he was first but last one
 Sorrows of my soul are that none denies me
 Thousand years millions men but no chance to rise back
 Only few realized who was I but too late
 Million chances no result & no chance to rise back
 Sorrows of my soul are that none denies me.
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