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Стиль: pagan doom
Город: Гомель

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демо «The Eerie» - 1993

Трэк лист:

1. Reign of silence.
2. When life ends.
3. Inis afalon.
4. Till death do us apart.
5. The eerie.


Music by Alexandr Urakoff
Lyrics by Lesley Knife

1. Reign of Silence.
 Among the battlefield
 The lifeless steel shines bright
 Somebody's groaning near
 He knows he doomed to die
 Soon Semargl will bring them down
 Into the land of the Chosen One
 Where they will get their bless
 Into the Reign of Silence
 The last rays of the Sun
 Are fading in their eyes
 Among the Battlefield
 The Lonely raven cries
 So far away from friendly home
 Out of the land of Thousand Bogs
 And they preare to fade
 Into the Reign of Silence
 The cold touch of skies
 To all those who die
 The winds from beyond
 Are bringing the Night
 Almighty Peroun take us to your realm
 Soon Silence will rule
 In this Pagan Reign
 The Wisemen in white
 Said Blessed is who's died
 Preparing the death
 They are making the Rites
 Semargl will meet
 Them at Golden Gates
 Now there is no hate
 Just equal in death
 The Radiant God is fading away
 The Gloomy Semargl is coming to change
 They silently talk to the Homeland
 Good Bye. This time is to die
 Their life now flows away
 And souls now leave their hearts
 And nevermore again
 They'll be back to the land of Sun
 The last rays of the Sun
 The last drink of the air
 And they prepare to die
 To go to Silent Reign

2. When life ends. When life ends Take me away into your land Where I shall get life again I'll be living after death When life ends Show me the way into your land And I'll come to see the place Of my sepulchral inhabitance Now I wait When my soul will separate From the body to the Gates Of your Empyrial Reign When life ends I submiss you with all my heart My life ends and now I start To confess you God of dark Now I see the face of God of dead And I hear his voice Now he tells me of forthcomin' death And my time has come Soul prepares to leave my cell Soon I'll see the world Of Eternal Life I will see the Gods There I'll taste the wine of aeon There I'll see the lakes Of the liquid fire My flesh will burn in flames And my soul will separate Now I see the face of God of dead When my life will end Welcome to my burial... All my life I was pain Now you'll take my soul away Now I'm dying but I smile Yes I know this time is mine All my friends has come to see as I die Now my fathers are Judges of my life Now my soul's preparing to fly far away And I shall never return to home again Into the forest my flesh now will be taken At the holy holocaust to soul's awakening Now I shall burn in the cleansing fire My life ends and I'll get higher I'm inviting you welcome to my burial Now the shapes of my ancestors are real Now I'm making the last flight over My life ends but my way is not over When life ends Welcome to my burial Now I see in infra red Man can't realize the land Where I live now when I'm dead

3. Inis Afalon.(instrumental)

4. Till death do us apart. In the depths of memory I watch the picture of my born The dancing shapes in the flames The Knife will grow to a sword The Gloomy Sage gave a sword to me He said it's time to start The fate of sword is to defend me Till death do us apart I remember life was going on I was growing strong Now the days of my youth has past The Knife became a sword When I was only seventeen My sword tasted the blood... My sword is salvation Life is in my hands Flesh and steel's connection In fight I'll be saved I am blessed to be right In my reality My God is Semargl Sword will defend me Enemies to be dead Just like in my dreams I will get the power Of immortality Fortunes of war Soon they will be mine I'll become a King Before I die My sword is my symbol My sword is my fate Everything I do I do for my gain My swrd is my symbol It's sign in my heart I'll never be conquered Till death do us apart In the depths of memory I watch the picture of my life All my friends are dead Good Bye my brothers in arms Now I stay in battlefield Now I'm fighting alone All my enemies are around me Prepare to cut my throat The grip of steel is squeezing slow Death by traitor looms I begin to lose my force To realize I'm doomed The cold blade in back is what I feared And I feel it now The fate of sword is to defend me But now death do us apart Me to ashes Sword to dust Me to ashes Sword to dust.

5. The eerie. Sky turned red Tears in my eyes I see the gates of Heaven Take me up to see my Life I need to hear my lament Lowering clouds The Gods I hail I drink my wine at last time My last breathe I'm ready to come To the kingdom of the EERIE...

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