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Стиль: pagan doom
Город: Гомель

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«Chemical Warfare - Demolition Tape» - 1992

Трэк лист:

1. Iprit
2. Eversleepside
3. Inis Afalon

1. Iprit
 Chemistry kills the protoplasma burns
 Slow resorbtion death comes thru your skin
 Pandemonium intoxicated your eyes
 Iprit kingdom is burning hell on death
 Raining mortal tears from this sky
 Iprit kingdom is kingdom of the fire
 Slowly dying suffer silently
 Iprit kingdom this chemistry to kill
 If suffocated your throbbing throat
 It desecrated your christian mind
 All you are egual in death
 And it's so cool
 Toxic violence paranoia's out
 Throat is dried up body feels a drought
 Slow resorbtion lungs are burning up
 Protoplasma in the skin like shit
 Chemistry kills extremities
 Agonic mind's atrocities
 Iprit kingdom you/re its slave
 Worship this drop burn again
 Feel your terror is inside
 Chemistry kills you must die
 Lick these drops and die by this
 Meet your end like submissive
 Mortify there's no way out to
 Satisfaction of your lust
 Terrorize the unifected
 By your evil look in dust
 Absolute yourself until
 Life will end and you'll be killed
 No salvation it's too late
 Pray someone your life to save
 I despise you cause you're dead
 Never before and nevermore
 The similar passion
 Dying by drop coming from sky
 Mortal resorbtion
 It suffocatets your throbbing throat
 No salvation it's too late
 Iprit kingdom your it's slave
 Die, like shit I...

2. Eversleepside Welcome to my world It's eversleep Here nobody knows What's the hate we kleep Never too late To die to sleep To drown in hate Much time to weep Much time to die Prematurely To feel one self In eversleep Eternal nightmare Neverending cold Sitting in the chair Talking with the chost Sleep upside down And inside out Here is nothing T o think about Stay frozen man In eversleep You'll olrown in hate You'we time to weep Moribund you'll never wake Chance to die Eversleepside takes You came as suicide You'll go as livin dead You know your fate to lie In cold'n'rotten grave You've nothink to believe You've nothink to wait for Your fate is to be killed By Eversleepmaker Solo-intro Eversleepside turns to myth Goes brains out into the lethe T'dissapears in the years But you must sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep! Sleep!!!

3. Inis Afalon.(instrumental)

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