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Стиль: pagan doom
Город: Гомель

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«Canticles» - 1994

Трэк лист:

1. Canticles
2. Beyond praying
3. Seven rains of fire
4. Praise of sun
5. Mysterious

1. Canticles
 ... And the world was young. And it was cruel and beautiful.
 And it was full of heroes and titans who were fighting and
 cognizing the world.
   In that time people souls were nalve and child-like
 happily. People saw life in everything and the surrounding
 nature meant for them something what not everybody living
 now can understand. And thay believe in Gods who were
 different in names but same in essence. Those Gods came
 to the Earth from the old ages, when all living was dark and
 cruel and lifeless - light and reconciling. In those ages
 intellect did not exist and its place was occupied by instinct -
 a formidable weapon, leading to death... Monsters
 possessed this weapon, whose horror was later called Hell,
 and there was no a single creature who had not spent their
 life in struggle for everything.
   When the Gods descended on the Eartg and saw that
 savage chaos they were puzzled and horrified by the
 scenery. And so they created the first people, who got three
 things really majestic - intellect, wisdom and feelings. And
 every God had the telns of government of a soul, and the
 Gods of darkness gave evil genius to intellect, misanthropy
 to wisdom and hatred to feelings; and the Gods of light gave
 clearness of thought to intellect, kindness to wisdom and
 love to feelings. And people, having opened their eyes, saw
 the fear of life and prayed for remorse and salvation,
 because man is weak, and God is omnipotent. So the Gods
 saved the people from the savage chaos and peace and light
 started reigning.
   But Evil retired to darkness awaiting for the reveal and
 began to send grief and pain; suffering enfered the even
 part of intellect and started to destroy the people from
 Inside. Darkness moved to light and wars, murders
 and depravity descended on the humankind. Brothers killed
 brothers and the war was not between people but between
 Gods, who wanted to make the world more perfect. But the
 Gods of light forgot that there was no light without shadows,
 and their opponents that there was no use in darkness
 without light.
   So, the Gods become reconciled, for continuation of the
 struggle had no sense and has a sign of the reconcilation they
 built a TOWER on the border of Light and Dark, human's
 world and divine world. And people's life was happy and
 calm and it was the Golden Age!
   But among the Gods there was one the smallest and
 contemptible one, longing for power. So, he deceived
 the Gods of Evil and got the wine, which the Gods of Death
 gave to the people when their time was out. They drank it
 and fell into sleep when the Gods had a feast he poured that
 wine into their goblets. And having done it, he said: "From
 now on you are heresy and I am the God!" His name was
 Iegova and he called himself God. For the true, Immortal
 Gods had fallen asleep and only the Gods of Darkness stayed
 awake and for this reason Iegova begane to detest them and
 drove them out of TOWER. And this nonentity made heaven
 his throne and started ruling the visible world, and the Gods of
 Darkness ruled the Invisible world because Iegove was not a
 true God, but a false one. And people don't believe him and
 then he sent them his reflection, called Christ, to mislead the
 humankind, relying upon their naivity and simplicity. Christ,
 being lead by his forefather, told people tales and showed
 wonders, although they were very stupid, comparing with what
 true Gods, sleeping in the TOWER, could do. But people were
 surprised and praised Christ like children and soon commited
 the truth of ancient for oblivion and fire, for they believed the
 divine mongrel. And the plague of deception and deafness
 spread all over the world and people went mad.
   And the TOWER, standing on the crossing of Darkness and
 Light, Life and Death gradually was overrun with moss and
 seeds and plunged in the lack of faith...
   And nobody from the living now knows the truth and true
 ancient Gods are sleeping in the TOWER, awaiting for the
 prophecy, drawn with rules at the gates, to come true: "and in
 nineth night the moon will disappear, moons will show and
 omens of each of us will be burning on them, because people
 will recollect and believe and the truth will awake  through that
 faith. And he, once having lied, will be overthrown and cursed.
 And the world'll see its rebirth from the ashes and the Golden
 Age will come again."
   And I had this vision and having learnt the truth, I praised the
 sleeping abd cursed the staying awake, because until the false
 god is in heaven, grains of Truth are dispersed in darkness and
 they are countless in number and light is only pure imagination.
 Let your time come, the Gods, true and ancient, who's given
 us life and death, light and darkness, intellect, wisdom and
                   O Y H R R A ! ! ! ! ! ! !

2. Beyond praying Living Dying I just don't care 'cause me as you we'll go away In nooen nothing we trust ever 'cause we're beyond praying forever Black Blood of misery is flowing on

3. Seven rains of fire One who waits in mysterious land He can see Seven Rains Come with me let me show you the way I'll take away And now you've gotta be afraid Seven Rains of Fire Look at me and you'll see my crown I'm the king on the run I am rich, I am poor, I am dead I will show you land And there you've gotta Seven Rains of Fire I make me up now I am there Now I don't care I'm really here I'm really there So why do you stare? It's time to tell what do I want You're waiting for, You're waiting for So let us go to move the hills To show what you have got really to fear Seven Rains of Fire They're watching you Na-na-na I'm a prince of a dark I'm a king of a light which of us doesn't fight Every night that I cannot sleep I try to see in my telescope There I see that the planets come down I look around na-na-na-na-na Light of dark and the dark of dark And the rain of rain and that pain in the brain But they're watching you And they're watching me And they're watching us And they're watching everyione Seven Rains of Fire They're really watching you

4. Praise of sun

5. Mysterious Look into my eyes and you'll see your fate DAncing in the shadows of the fairy-tales Turn yourself off this world come with me Turn yourself off let me show your dream We shall see the place everything goes by Somersaults in dew of the morning light Spirit of the life dance is all around Here we go to fly up high right now Meditate my pupil you're no alone Forget the time when you were on your own Never be afraid to llok around Everything is yours don't let me down Knowledge that you feel is so mysterious That's the way that new reality goes Strangeworld that you see is not a snare Potion of the dream is boiling there Salting leather rolling turning Make my business witchery Dreaming waiting hering clouds Are whispering to me Riding horses of the sunrise Calling spirits of the trees Don't you see I got the knowledge Of Ancient Mystery

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