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Ruzy Albo Dym

Morbid Victory
Sorrows Of Satan

Апошні Танец Душы

Стиль: pagan black
Город: Брест

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demo «Lord Of Aium» - 1998

Трэк лист:

1. Intro
2. Lord of aium
3. His dreams
4. Salvation Breath

Альбом записан в студии ЦМТ (Брест) весной 1998 года.
Выпущен на Shadow Prods в 1998 году.

Состав: Славор - гитара;
Вячеслав - бас;
Андрей - барабаны;
Станиш - вокал, гитара;
Наташа - клавиши.

 Rains and storms and clouds and fogs
 Bogs and woods and darker grounds
 I worship you in my long sleep
 I rule you in my Land of Aium
 My prayer raises higher
 My steel belongs to you
 To fight against the sun
 I give my life for fight
 Might and PowerPour into me
 Sadness of silence
 Rise up my fistLords of mine 
 Make me high
 Same as you to fight for you
 O gloomy forests 
 O sullen bogs
 Hunting places of mighty Zubre
 Ghosts of clouds 
 Ghosts of fogs
 Make the hunt be lucky as ever
 Horns of Zubre get wet with blood
 Teeth of Zubre drown deep in flesh
 Foe to fall down 
 Victim to hurt
 In the name of ancients' ashes
 Lords of mine fill my mind
 Hearts of foes will be yours
 Rise me over rests
 Remove my pity away
 Scare of me foes
 Cause I'm Lord of Aium
 I wish I could fly
 I wish my wings be unfurled
 To watch out my bourders
 To be closer to my lord
 My brinkless spaces don't leave me in my dreams
 My bogs and my woods defend me from the foe
 And let me blend with your astral sense
 To defend my people and their fathers' homes
 Beauty of bogs inspire me to fight
 Mystery of bogs hold me liberated
 Hold my sword be sharp and horse satisfied
 I won't let alien to dirt your pure state
 And there he falls ...
  falls down to abyss
 Sinks in the ocean
 Of passion and desires
 He walked lonely journey
 He found his gods
 And there he falls ...
  falls up to stars
 Warm rains fill his rivers
 His lakes 
 All his lands
 Fast waters flow down
 Pull blood down from hands
 And there he merges ...
  merges with your shade
 Drowns in your world
 To die in your shade
 Your beauty 
 Your mystery
 Your smile is all his now
 And there he merges ...
  merges with your shade
 And there he dreams ... dreams of your silence
 Ancient silence Eternal distant stars
 Are lighting high ways
 Ways that you dread
 And there he dreams ... dreams of your Dark
 His dreams ... his shelter
 Winds of nonentity ... blow
 Faithfull slaves of mine ... blow
 Through the endless night ... blow
 Through the passionate sleep ... blow
 Another lot days left 
 More minutes left in past
 Same abdicated I am from staying on the knees
 My essense walks ahead 
 My sword rises high
 Hatred to weakness reflects from cold steel
 My holy orphaned land support my darker might
 Direct it onto your foe 
 Lower the steel onto his head
 Clear my misty mind 
 Fill my lungs with freedom
 Taste warm blood of unfaithfull one
 And when my blood goes down to your face
 Make the winds blow 
 Give me salvation breath
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