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Стиль: death
Город: Минск

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«Shadow of cross» - 1996

Трэк лист:

01. Infernal visions
02. Bodiless
03. Damned to hell
04. The look from inside
05. Necronomicon
06. Obvious of Immortal
07. Born to be dead
08. Euthanasia
09. Unseen for all
10. Illusions of burial
11. Crucifixion decapitated
12. Arising of suspicious

Included materials from 3 tapes demo Exhumator

Music by Alex Burey
Lyric by Igor Silnithenko & Vadim Akimov
Vocal with no Garmonizer
Produced by Igor Silnithenko
Engineered by Gleb (Iron)
Mixed in Studeo Gleb & Suvorovets

Infernal visions
 Cold twilight descends to the ground 
 Wrapping up its from all sides with dark threads of silver
 All sounds habitual for us are dipping into absolute darkness 
 Leaving us alone with obscurity 
 Pale Moon breaking through the leaden clouds
 Lights forgotten cemetery with pale light of its empty eyehole
 Perverting and disfiguring the tombstones and crypts
 Turning the figures of movement into infernal monsters
 Sometimes rustle, wolfish howling or crack of dry branches
 Reaching from the forest are slicing the silence
 Shocking the head and insisting the heart
 To beat in mad rhythm 
 Perverting grimace of face and escaping
 Unhuman cry with all guts from the throat 
 Celebration of shadows is here 
 Disgusting trembling throws over from hands to the body 
 Pressing the respiration out from forehand
 Turning sanity off and stands its to the throne 
 Legs became stone without power to make a motion
 All organism turns into pile of shit, yes, whole 
 Complicated machine turns into excrements 
 Incapable to analyze those, what happening.
 Fear kills life. Killing pain.
 Suffer life - no escape 
 Deformed bodies. Eves that bleed
 Left alone with there pain
 Indifference breaks belief 
 Living without feelings 
 Blinded by unhuman being 
 Suffocation coming slow 
 Your visions becomes real 
 Rotting abscess of the corpse 
 Drives to insanity 
 Before their eyes hope is died
 Deterioration grows 
 The life will soon be gone 
 Bodiless being in wasters becomes to spot 
 Blackening humanity 
 Abomination grows like pain 
 Falling into depth of mind
 Brutal death leads to die 
 Deterioration grows 
 Incurable mutilation 
 The life will soon be gone 
 Prayers will help you now 
 You will newer die before you soul be dead 
 Damned from the birth 
 Rest the slipped hope in the labyrinths of mind 
 Legs, hands and face covered with rot 
 Silent scream is heard 
 Burning in the dark 
 Infected with death turning into gore
 Fill the blackened Earth 
 With burial sites
 Damned to hell
 Such was and been 
 Retribution for brutal doings 
 Such been punishment for presumption which 
 Is want to achieve the knowledge of 
 Supreme beings, such been punishment of 
 Insane pride don't seeing that humans 
 Destiny is humility and ignorance.
 Stench is wrapping soul up 
 If upside downed cross in heart 
 Stop, thinking!
 Take my body and drink my blood!
 Pull my heart out and take my soul!
 I want that you were satisfied! 
 Oh, Bathaburuik, I want to know it! 
 Black mass with burning candles 1 summon 
 The breath of hell, Spells passing into 
 Bowels of the earth - 1 awake the 
 Sunphre - cold wind of death altars 
 Desecration by excrements, 
 I'm storming in abyss of sins, immolation for angel 
 Of darkness - aspiring to penetrate 
 Beyond knowledge 
 Continuing unholy sins,
 Rotting and damned to hell
 Tearing by greedy lust, taking pleasure 
 Until the voice from abyss will not exclaim: "it's completed!" 
 Your arrogant forehead will covered with agony wrinkles,
 And plaintive cream of despair will escape from heart, 
 And reflecting in eyes with disgust and hopelesslity 
 Lost the same darling of the heavens gifts:
 The hope falling into outcast's mob to wander in damnation
 The look from inside
 The star shines in the night sky 
 Dead glowing diminishing out of my inner 
 Flesh turns into one spot 
 That death glowing spot... 
 Yes I was 
 When it burned with whole force 
 I'm the one talking to you from out of the void 
 See what is on my way. 
 I am the machine that makes this madness move. 
 Help me to run smoother not I won't be back here 
 Smile I'm leaving 
 Ripping the body from within...
 I was searching for better somewhere 
 Enjoy that from inside of your sanity 
 Learn the iron force of smashed out eyes 
 Understanding, rotting and enjoying. 
 We shall live in the perfect world 
 Everybody except you - ones 
 Who urgently needs 
 We shall build the one that won't be able to rot 
 And be broken (Jesus)
 I'm leaving without understanding the whole width of unwish 
 But no more than 
 Summoning shinned from the light 
 Unholy ones feasting the beast 
 Defiled words for seeking truth 
 From blood were said - spelled be 
 Incarnation sinisterous form 
 Wanting behold god unfogiven. 
 World book of the dead 
 Bounded with skin of flesh time is possessed 
 Unheard is heard - confess 
 Lord desecrate opens my eyes 
 For hell spawns of unearth haunting 
 The mind castle demons awake feeding the dead 
 The meaning of inaudible cries unholy death   
 Your belief is destructed 
 Evil ghosts come from beyond 
 Godless images instil in my mind
 Existence is deceased creations from darkside 
 Bleeding for immortal.
 Die in pentagram 
 Effigy of Nazarene 
 Burning in my head 
 Join us evil spells 
 Demons disappearance 
 Sadistic cursed to hell confess
 It's not real I'm dead 
 Obvious of Immortal
 Ended life holy doom ritual 
 Don't repent - sacre sin burns myself
 Suffering suicide mortal spells 
 Satanized gore of dead blessed in hell 
 Banished from the world of Scorn 
 Bodies long decayed 
 Rotting Christ can't save you now 
 Praised into the grave 
 Tortured soul curses so strong 
 Blessed inhumane 
 Lucifer decide my fait 
 Anndinting me insane 
 Sodomize the ended life 
 Blessed with king of hell 
 Covenant of ripping flesh 
 Torn by gleaming knife 
 Life of sickness soon will end burn the soul for sell 
 Crypts of darkness - no return from the blackness light 
 Fall beyond unholy ground vision of your dwell 
 Sacrifice the cross of lies 
 Rebirth for suicide 
 Suffocation rapture feel 
 I am god of the dead 
 Torment life for crawling lambs suffering the dies
 Obvious to immortal 
 Blasphemer dark enthroned stigmatized
 Spit upon holy one crucified
 Born to be dead
 Symbolic cross the sign of lie 
 So many years obscured 
 Born to live at some time dies 
 For holy one unheard your cries 
 Ceremony of confession 
 Thinking only to profit.
 Seeking tomb for salvation 
 Blesses victims waits to die
 Born to be dead 
 Premises of sacred oath
 For whom you pray and what you want?
 Born to be dead 
 Christening in blood 
 Waiting for falling of Heavenly light 
 Sacrifice of the virgin lives 
 It is the sins of the holy ones 
 Fall in disease 
 Take care of yourself 
 Mortals is waiting for ritual spells 
 Born to be dead 
 Death is the easiest in life 
 Life is the most difficult 
 But life on earth is hell
 If you are forgotten shared out 
 Physical defection deprives you of being 
 Of being of full value.
 It humiliates and breaks the mind 
 Into multitude of fragments depriving by this 
 The unbroken one and turning into half 
 Avaiding the light you're hail 
 The darkness killing the remains of those 
 What is impossible to doubt.
 He who lives for darkness is dangerous 
 In light not releasing this 
 Believe to understand you are sentenced for life 
 There is no necessity to believe in hell 
 Which is denied by our reason.
 Believe in heaven 
 For which our souls needing
 But this thought invariable 
 Persecutes us insisting to think about fearful 
 For most of us death is tragic inevitability,
 Distress, eternal cold and darkness. 
 But look around and fall to think 
 How many people needs to die in order 
 To calm down into unbeing
 In other world in other state
 Unseen for all
 Driven into deadlock 
 Without hope to return 
 Hopeless and forgotten 
 You're looking around without understanding 
 Properly been far off but not so much 
 As to be blind 
 Reality of existence are cleaned 
 Don't leaving a hope to reverse 
 Consciousness loses control over itself 
 Walked far of the maze of reason 
 Opening strange for others 
 You are stance for all 
 But no more your mind works in open space 
 Merged and harmonized 
 With those which are intractable to explanation 
 Unseen for all 
 Nobody can't stop this energy 
 Don't know it,
 You continue the motion 
 Inreception to pain made cover 
 Of your inner space to invulnerable 
 Leaving no chance to speak 
 With whole force but you want it
 Illusions of burial
 Life is like dome of 
 Many colored glass.
 Rising above shining and flashing 
 Until death does not chopping 
 It's turned into remains those, what before 
 Was supreme creation of god 
 Didn't touched the only one 
 What is intractable to alteration in time 
 Does not turning to ashes 
 And completely belongs to creator 
 Our soul, it's like a mirror 
 Mirror the lighted photo of soul
 The souls are moving as mirrors 
 Along the burning conveyor of life 
 Going away into immortality 
 To raise new dome 
 And repeat all circles again 
 The illusion of burial 
 Loosed the irrevocable your mind 
 Can't understand more, 
 Recalling about past 
 You're transferring into present 
 With still large sufferings about future.
 Wiping all sides and destroying the obstacles 
 Standing out of you charge of energy 
 Called life 
 Is great and capable 
 Turned into dust
 If death on its path ...
 Crucifixion decapitated
 Burned in the scorching land 
 When souls dehydrated from a birth 
 Wounds bleeding 
 Carnage for survival on the Earth
 With spells of Satan
 I summon thee
 We sacrifice this world of shit 
 Lords of death descend the fires of glowing hell 
 Endless pain Christians dead with smashed heads 
 Holocaust unleash the blood of deformed corpses 
 Suffer wind burns their souls 
 Behead the holy all sacred deceased 
 Ripping apart the blessed angels bleeding maggots them feast
 Splattered guts of monks 
 Internal extraction of hallowed eves
 Dismember for lord black abyss 
 Die - crucifixion decapitated 
 Die - crucifixion decapitated 
 Prince of flies we give you crowded sacrifice 
 With my disgust Nazarene and holy church 
 All crucifixion will be cremated for your name 	
 Smell of decaying flesh
 For the space of the endless ways
 Vultures are moaning high
 When angels of darkness feeding the dead
 Denied inverted cross
 Maggots crawling from their heads 
 Gods desecration laws you die with cross
 And burn in hell 
 Arising of suspicious
 In the endless flow of thoughts 
 You call for help without power 
 To stand the violent charge of energy which name is life.
 Unperceiving the inevitability 
 Your reason pushes away death 
 Which day by day becomes real.
 You are young and don't want to think about death 
 Forgotten that life gets to know through death 
 They told to you that you are born for life 
 Perceived it your consciousness 
 Not give a motion with whole force 
 Fear is your legacy and you can't stop it constantly feeling
 It's breathing and arising of suspicious.
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