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Divina Enema
Стиль: gothic\black
Город: Минск

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«To Wight Shalt Never Shine» - 1999

Трэк лист:

1. Leave Thy Castle Again
2. Let's Dance
3. Keep Thy Daemon Inside
4. Thing
5. Eaten And Forgotten
6. Wooden Ladle
7. Bewitched Whore
8. Sphinx
9. Wrapped In Mystery
10. Darken The Murals
11. Epilogue

All lyrics by Yaroslav. All music composed by Divina Enema.
Cover artwotk by A. Mantegna and Mazacco and prose you could have read by William Blake.
Drums were mostly composed by Alexander and performed on 'SHINE' by Tikhon.

 1. Prologue (Who Looks Gargoyle Alike?)
     (One Law for the Lion and Ox is Oppression)
     None so blind as those who won't see.
     That's one you're not to like
     Who looks gargoyle alike
     In the name of...
 2. Leave Thy Castle Again
     (If the doors of perception were cleansed
     everything would appear to man as it is,
     infinte. For man has closed himself up
     till he sees all things thro' narrow
     chinks of his cavern)
     "Irritation! Irritation!"-
     Ye are always waiting for
     "Invitation! -
     Blow away the castle wall!"
     Ye as one are Dark's creatures.
     Ye'll have gotten this salvation.
     Ye wilt drive to desperation anyone...
     And so shalt we
     "We used to see a GOD! - OUR GOD!"
     SO WHAT!
     "Time to know! Time to know!"-
     Time to kill wilt come at once
     "Break the wall! Look out the law"
     Don't ye want to look above
     Your diseases and your wish -
     There are ye as headless fish there...
     In either event we shalt throw out
     Your heinous bowels
     "Please leave thy castle again
     'Till we'd like to feel thy might,
     But we won't have been waiting too long
     And soon the sunset will kill us all,
     'CAUSE -"In GOD we trust"-
     But ye are servants of Satan
     Whilst ye submit to his laws -
     There is no need to speak of honour
     Of the eternal life -
     Ye have kept your death as knife
     "While we stay here,
     Please our master
     Do not leave us alone"
     Ye left"OUR GOD"in churches
     Having fed him with stone by stone
     But when ye had come in one day...
     "We have found our Lord was gone"
     What's done cannot be undone
     "But we have felt that something's wrong"...
     Because your rope broke under the strain...
     We'll take the chain
     And build
     Your gallows-tree again.
     "We've seen the pair of glowing eyes -
     With fear we watch as they do shine
     Make them forsake us like an aim -
     Make them await
     Until we fade
     In a sewerage of time.
     Devil, Devil art thou here?
     Thou won't bore and disappear!
     Can't thou leave our mansions for a while?
     Thou, who whilest away the time
     On our tables while we dine...
     Thou wilt feed us all until we die
     The Chain reaction -
     That's what we call this thing!
 3. Let's Dance
     (An Angel came to me and said: 'O pittable,
     foolish young man! O horrible! O dreadful
     state! Consider the hot, burning dungeon
     thou art preparing for thyself to all
     Eternity, to which thou art going in such career.')
     What a nice symphony!
     Where are you singing from?
     I heard your voice -
     Perhaps, your lips still speak these magic words:
     "LET US DANCE!"
     I'm looking for your place -
     That godforsaken house
     Far more than too long...
     I was knocking at your door -
     I was sticking in your brain
     Don't you sleep like a log -
     Don't you hear as I am screaming?
     The messenger of greed
     Who's flying on the wings
     He made of glass...
     You awoke 'cause you were born for the dance -
     So let us dance
     Dance right now...
     And shake your bones
     Everywhere as you'll be able...
     Bring your immortal soul over masquerade,
     Dance and you'll be never searching for the answers.
     Your life's just a fiction, just an endless dance...
     Your days do bang so loud - Have you known them all?
     Tell me what do you need for this sleepy waltz
     Tell me what you'd like to see at the celebration?
     You may do all of the things your daemon wants -
     Dance - there's only one way for the folks and the nations.
     I am your existence;
     I am supposed lust for life
     Have you never known me?
     Didn't you guess who am I?
     Do you really fear that all your might will fade away?
     Wait until it will have done - this satanic masquerade.
     "I'd like to buy and I'd like to sell -
     There is my might to build and dwell -
     That does give me all what I do need -
     I'd like to buy and I'd like to build
     I'd like to have the keen sight
     'Cause I want to get an eyeful
     Of all thoughts are going on
     Through the darkness and the light."
     You become rich and clever with every passing day.
     You afraid to think that someone can devastate all that you've got...
     And whilst you're going to ask that SWINE -
     It will have spoken no word, will be completing this End of the World
     And what (are you going to speak) about some food for the second flood?
     What about house that made of wood?
     What about bed and fireplace?
     What about wife and child in lace?
     What about dead before they cooled?
     What about quest HOW- D'YE - DO?
     What about breakfast, what about lunch?
     What about what about what about SO MUCH?
 4. Keep Thy Daemon Inside
     (I said: 'Perhaps you will be willing to show
     me my eternal lot, and we will contemplate
     together upon it, and see whether your lot or
     mine is most desirable.' ...So the Angel said:
     'Thy phantasy has imposed upon me, and thou
     oughtest to be ashamed.' I answered: 'We impose
     on one another, and it is but lost time to converse
     with you whose works are only Analytics'.
     I have always found that Angels have the vanity
     to speak of themselves as the Only Wise. This
     they do with a confident insolence sprouting
     from systematic reasoning.)
     "What's going on outside?
     Who is that?
     Why are you trying to enter?
     Stop it, I'm going to cry -
     Don't try to creep under the shelter"
     Lie down and wait for me! -
     "Take back the hands of yours!"
     Prepare to pick your sick
     And open the doors
     Meet second angel and keep him inside.
     He's one you're not to like
     Who looks gargoyle alike
     In the name of...
     There's important piece of news -
     But just have a look at this
     What can you say?
     You won't refuse
     To catch and eat your enemies
     "Have we ever met before -
     You're looking like a dead
     Have we ever met before -
     I have never seen like that
     And I will probably never see it again!"-
     (I) belong to you my Dear
     As you belong to me
     In the name of GOD!
     Nobody found the invisible border
     Is breaking up your brain to the pieces
     Keep your daemon inside
     Your ego and your mind
     Because your angel can't live without him
     (He shalt be) not alive, not alive
     Each of people keeps inside
     Daemon next to the holy Angel
     Each of people keeps inside
     Good and evil, black and white
     "I am uneasy 'cause I can lose my will -
     I do not want to pay this diabolic bill!"
     Too late and you must keep your daemon inside!
     He's one you're not to like
     Who looks gargoyle alike
     In the name of...
     Because of your sick idea -
     Because of your infinite wishes
     You got the key with me:
     We're going to open almost any door
     There is unholy key deep down in your soul
     I'm over there...
     I am yours for ever more!
     You are possessed with me and keep me inside!
     (I) belong to you my Dear
     As you belong to me
     In the name of GOD!
     Forlorn between the fragile pages of eternity -
     Thus lost among the countless tomes of your fears and insanity.
     You're loath to be impassive to the surges of your destiny
     But now your mutilated corpse obeys the law of mortuary.
     Astray within your puzzling mind,
     Obviously you couldn't meet me -
     I haven't spoken when I am arrived -
     Keep me inside, my newfound mistress...
     You or me - who looks gargoyle alike
     Decide which one so keep me inside!
     Strange venture none the less -
     This brew is gone, your pot as used to be
     Empty -
     There is only echo screams there more than terribly.
     Oh let me live inside demented kingdom of infinity -
     Infinity of all your dreams and now obey my sorcery.
 5. Thing
     (But first the notion that man has a body
     distinct from his soul is to be expunged;
     this I shall do by printing in the infernal
     method, by corrosives, which in Hell are
     salutary and medicinal, melting apparent
     surfaces away, and displaying infinite which
     was hid. Messiah or Satan or Tempter was
     formerly thought to be one of the Antediluvians
     who are our Energies.)
     Is it true what they say:
     "If the sky falls we shall catch the larks?"
     As you'll see if the sky falls
     We shall catch no pretty larks
     If it will have done, my dearest
     We shall catch some evil demons
     They'll be biting our fingers,
     They will have devoured the earth
     If you'll have invited them
     You shall not be disappointed.
     And what have you preferred to toll
     Though there is nothing left at all...
     Needs must when the devil drives -
     There's no need to fear or cry
     Night has come and day had gone
     Having led chaos to enthrone
     Try to save your soul and head.
     Meet the omens of THE END!
     For evermore the first and foremost
     If you really want to watch all the omens of that end
     Don't complain then - try to hold future troubles in your hand
     Even if tomorrow's cares shall fit you like a glove
     Anyway I wash my hands off -
     Goodnight, good luck.
     Don't you care about existence:
     GOD will take it for HIS own.
     Only Devil keeps your body:
     GOD will kill it.
     Don't you pray of this to your GOD? -
     Wait for so-called judgement-day.
     Don't you care about your body?
     Don't you care about its way? -
     Only Satan saves its life
     Death won't come into your house
     Whilst you stay in Satan's town
     You won't die -
     You'll never die
     While you're standing upside-down
     If you'd been slave of desire -
     You became the Devil's child
     Stay alive among the fire -
     Self comes first...
     Burn, cry...
     My body doesn't have a name,
     (Nobody does know it anyway)
     I do think of chance that I could get:
     "Who does need the useless one like that?"
     Nobody does know my misery.
     They say:"Nobody's interested in my fate!"
     How many fools also lost their key yet?
     And that's why they'll come here later than I will!
     They always come too late -
     I have to leave these gates
     Unless they'll have returned
     I'll waste my hate no more.
     I am the THING on the endless shelf of life,
     The nameless one among the countless names
     I am the THING that does try to survive
     Amongst the devil's court -
     That's why I belong to him -
     I am his THING.
     Why do you think you aren't a THING? -
     Then you cannot see the wood for the trees...
     Do not you understand we are THINGS in a hand?
     We can't see a GOD while we're down on our knees...
     WELL! - I am just a THING and a THING that's useless
     WELL! - I am just a THING in a Devil's hand
     WELL! - I am the silent shadow in a Lucifer's looking glass
     WELL! - I am just a THING that you won't be able to understand.
     No way to mind - that's only reason why I'm silly slave -
     I am not a worm, I am a THING in a darkest cave
     Ain't no fallen one that does try to save one's creepy-crawly ugly life.
     I am the THING that's never going to die!
     Why didn't you think us to be a THING?
     You know - you could see the wood for the trees
     Do not you understand - we are THINGS in a hand -
     We can't see a GOD while we're down on our knees
     Do not pass by my place
     Mistress of the chaos:
     Take me down from my shelf,
     Try to see,
     Try to guess
     Which way shall I go,
     Which road shall I ride,
     Though I will have stayed there
     Where I had been before...
     You are poor mortal whore!
     We shall go side by side
     When we're met face by face...
     Try to distress me. -
     Are you trying to guess?
     You are also a THING!
     Babylon whore,
     Sweet mistress of the chaos,
     Didn't you guess
     Who I am,
     Who you are:
     We are one and the same -
     We do play hidden game
     And your quest will be done.
     Sweet mistress you'll have gone
     I am not a drunken swine
     That used to lick up last drop of wine
     I won't change the mind of mine -
     I'm the THING that's never going to die
     If you can't believe in peace
     Call your Devil: 666
     That is catching sick-sick-sickness
     In our cheap existence:
     I think having lost the key
     The others could not get in
     And they'll be staying outside
     Until they're going to die.
     I have opened secret door:
     We are A THING and nothing more
     We've been put by... and not arrived,
     We do become almighty sacral pride
     Of our taker,
     Almighty maker,
     Our creator,
     Our tormentor,
     Our offender,
     Our defender -
 6. Eaten & Forgotten
     (And Angel said: 'Thus every one of your boasts
     that what he writes is new; tho' it is only
     the Contents or Index of already publish'd
     books. A man carried a monkey about for a
     show, and because he was a little wiser than
     the monkey, grew vain, and conceiv'd himself
     himself as much wiser than seven men. It is
     with every one of you: he shows the folly of
     churches, and exposes hypocrities, till he
     imagines that all are religious, and himself
     the single one on earth that ever broke a net.
     Now hear a plain fact: He has not written one
     new truth. Now hear another: he has written
     all the old falsehoods. And now hear the reason.
     He conversed with Angels who are all religious,
     and conversed not with Devils who all hate
     religion, for he was incapable thro' his
     conceited notions. Thus his writings are a
     recapitulation of all superficial opinions,
     and analysis of the more sublime but no further.')
     I have done all my quests.
     I am glad more or less.
     Last time when I had gone -
     She had screamed she would come
     And try to recognise
     What a deuce... Wench am I!
     I shalt bring many things
     When I spread my dark wings.
     So ye wilt scream and cry -
     I shalt hurt ye and I'll
     Raise your laugh for a while
     After that... Whore am I!
     In the groove!
     The most of you will never got to be happy at all
     Because you can only weep and complain,
     Because you try to remember your own childhood's days...
     I've got to remind you of coffins
     And haunt you again and again
     And the chain of life won't break anyway...
     So, eaten bread is soon forgotten -
     Taken cares soon disappear!
     Angel of the dreams and nightmares
     Show me the way you have flown this night
     What have you seen,
     What have you heard,
     What have you done?
     "...At the eventide
     I was flying high above the woods,
     I was going across the hills
     Through the trees
     I've seen the bloody moon in the midnight skies,
     I've shed the vampiric mist on the fields
     Oh, I worked very hard...
     But I don't seem to have done a lot...
     World needs adversities
     Because they give you (opportunity to) hope -
     The hope does let you get
     Something's like a nice tomb.
     Are you silly worm really surprised?
     Do not you know, opportunity seldom knocks twice...
     And your cares knock at your door almost everyday!
     So, eaten bread is soon forgotten -
     Taken cares soon disappear
     Don't cry poor mankind, be quiet - I am here.
     Soon I'll be feeding you... Guess what I brought
     You as the others do need some meal. -
     I will have given to you that ideal
     I've ruined the human mansions -
     Now there's misery and sadness there
     Lick up your sweet desperation:
     Have your bread and have your death!
     But eaten bread is soon forgotten -
     Almost all these brats ate the bread,
     Devoured the gotten
     I worked very hard...
     But I don't seem to have done a lot...
     And so I shall never stay without my work."
 7. Wooden Ladle
     (When he had so spoken, I beheld the Angel,
     stretched out his arms, embracing the flame
     of fire, and he was consumed, and arose as
     Elijah. Note. This Angel, who is now became a
     Devil, is my particular friend. We often read
     the Bible together in its infernal or diabolical
     sense, which the world shall have if they
     behave well. I have also The Bible of Hell,
     which the world shall have whether they will or no.)
     Sleep and then you will see,
     As you even can't imagine yourself
     As sometimes all of the things
     Overturn upside-down...
     Oh, my dearest!
     They seem to be real
     And all of them -
     I mean those people are sheep who do not differ from one an another
     Sleep and then you will see...
     Have a look at your dreams -
     They are burning in flames
     Like the rags torn asunder.
     And under you feet...
     Can't you see dying days?
     You cannot leave
     Your sweet "sleepering" chamber
     Nobody minds,
     That's only a dream.
     It's high time to go ahead to bed...
     Nothing yet...
     Almost done,
     Two-faced devil's child,
     Rise and cry;
     "Nobody won
     And lost this one either...
     Having arrived from the other side,
     Forlorn in silent pride".
     Mist and disease do exist in your dreams.
     Strange flames are waltzing so beautiful now
     Under your feet
     And on your way home;
     There is no need to cure:
     They are your sick overture
     Before you go insane at all.
     Autumn flames stole your dreams...
     Dancing flames stole your soul...
     Nobody minds if you fall asleep.
     Sleep if you can,
     Sleep if you will.
     Sleep if you see the bright light next to me.
     Sleep if you dare to watch my surprise.
     Sleep 'cause I don't care
     Haven't you heard my nice lullabies!
     Some people only need in food and want to muck
     Some of them got to live in fight and have bad luck
     Some of them born with a silver spoon in a mouth
     And the others with a wooden ladle...
     You'll have seen as...
     Shall we be fighting with the sin
     Has spread abyss as endless sea?
     You mean us: It won't touch me
     Even if I follow all these fools...
     Some people have got to drown and die
     In seas or in a glass of wine
     And if you share their way -
     You will have got the most of attributes.
     Dominion do we need? Not quite...
     Oh, you had better listen to the rustle of the silent days.
     Watch as poor mankind does make a million ways -
     During its countless nights and days
     Caught in a trap full of deadly haze. -
     It always does search for itself.
     Don't give them another chance anymore.
     Let them disappoint themselves more and more
     Let them drown in bloody sea and stay on the shore. -
     They yet wanted all the cares and got them all!
     What have you got in a mouth - in a mouth of yours
     Who knows of this delicious one tell me - I can't suppose
     Let me look at this one in a mouth of yours
     Perhaps it sounds great and looks so fun... I suppose
     You cannot stay outside the death.
     First one that's looking very sad
     Don't try to be a GOD
     Therefore you cannot be a GOD,
     Poor mortal whore
     You will have known it very soon
     Who gets a ladle or a spoon
     Why did you get your wooden one
     And who had thrown it into your mouth.
     Nobody did believe this:
     Thou art not a GOD.
     The thoughts of thine with thy wrath are falling apart
     Because of idiotic ae thou dost keep in thy mouth...
     With ladle thou wert made...
     Thou shalt not become the devilkin before it is too late.
     Thy wooden ae doth make thee weep
     It doth not want thee to eat or sleep -
     It doth make thy path pass away
     Thou art getting paler day by day...
     Try to appease thy angry daemon and keep him in thy mouth
     Feed him by thy flesh and thy bones far more than usual
     Thou art poor mortal whore...
     There is wonderful place - there is beautiful place
     Keep your temper - you are not to be in a maze
     There is haze of oblivion - wonderful haze
     There is wonderful place for your future remains.
     Sleep fast and do not be afraid:
     When you will have awoke
     You'll be rich and mighty as before,
     "Mad sea alike thou winna know
     Of thine shore, poor mortal whore!"
     Sleep and then you will see
     Dark and bottomless sea,
     Sleep and then you will buy
     Hidden essence of thine.
     Come along side by side
     Next to your filthy pride.
     "Evil demons of time
     Will have not passed thee by."
     Wonder I if you'd mind
     Dying now in a sleep?
     You are poor mortal whore.
     You're degenerate sheep!
     Sleep and then you won't see
     As the hollow - eyed darkness comes.
     Sleep and then you won't see
     As the blind moon is arising,
     Sleep and then you won't see
     All of the sudden cares,
     You even do fear
     To think of them again and again
     Sleep and then you won't see
     Sleeping grim entity
     If the nightmares of yours
     Not suffocate you before.
     You are poor mortal whore.
     You won't wait for salvation
     Whilst you have your nightmares
     And sleep deprivation
     Sleep and then you will see
     Two faces of GOD!!!
     Well, it's time to reveal our forces and might
     You don't know how to manage him who has arrived
     You have done all the screaming already and now
     Wring your hands in despair and o don't ask me "How
     Am I t' stop it?" - If you leave off rowing it will
     Stop of itself - What are you to reveal?
     So the boat of yours was left to drift down the stream
     So you're desperate one's left to drift down the stream
     Lo the blade of one of the oars got fast in the
     Water and would not come out again
     And the consequence was that the handle of it
     Caught you under your chin thus got under your feet!
 8. Bewitched Whore (Does Belong To Eternity: Cry For Selind)
     (So I was in a Printing-house in Hell, and
     saw the method in which knowledge is
     transmitted from generation to generation)
     As it had been told...
     And all of the words
     Were being swept away
     By the wind
     Of stupidity,
     It seems to me...
     During your life's darkest way
     You're going to be bewitched by pain
     So strong so you'll have to eat your fear
     Until you die and disappear.
     By the way,
     During your life's deepest road
     You will have seen and heard a lot -
     You're going to be bewitched by this.
     You will have given, you'll have missed
     All of the sweetest dreams of yours.
     I wonder so what kind of whores
     Do you belong to? I'll try to guess...
     I've seen there's only chaos and mess...
     That's why there's only sleepy fire
     Of hunger, curses and desire
     And nothing's done... Nobody's torn. -
     Perhaps thou art bewitched whore...
     Thou art bedevilled one!
     The veil of evening does fall down...
     With rustle it's approaching now
     The hollow - hearted voice of time
     Does make me sing to you a lullaby
     There is no need to speak of the brothel in town...
     One whore who used to be an archbishop mistress,
     Got a daughter-in-sin, little one was called Selinda:
     With the help of her priest she had left little one
     Under the shelter of orphanage of St. John
     She had died and begun looking for little one.
     But she looked ghost alike... and it was real ghost!
     Run away!
     Light escapeth from the grave! -
     Make me breathe again, my sentinel
     Ghostly aim -
     I should find my little one...
     Essay to hear me, Selinda...
     And so, let it be done!
     Ye never know what the terrible thoughts occur...
     I have not ever left thee, pretty daughter of mine
     Oh, Selinda, hurry up my little one!
     Come to mummy,
     Essay to reach my hand
     Oh... try to reach my hand, Selinda!
     I am dying for thine smile
     Come to me my sweet Selinda!
     Come to mummy little girl!
     Thou art my flesh, my wish - thy sigh am I.
     Awful nonsense stealeth my life
     Thou art my dream, my essence - whore am I.
     Our time doth slowly pass us by.
     Every step doth push me down... Oh... well,
     Vanish fast: thou art pretty well
     Coming closer to the hell,
     Coming faster to the hell!
     Till you voyeur serrated crown of graves...
     May my essence appear
     Through pellucid array
     Of the ruptured daylight!
     With hiss dusk preys in glades...
     Smothered by run of time -
     Nascent twilight empowered
     Deepest night to ascend.
     May the planets confer!
     May my spirit arise
     From the dank filthy grave!
     May the night set aflame
     Cold stars upon the mire
     Of the cemetery!
     Come to me my Selinda!
     Come to mummy, Selinda...
     Oh no! -
     There is only your little head
     In my trembling hands!
     Come along with thy mummy in hell! -
     Without thee I shalt drown in a bottomless well of...
     I cannot be dead at all...
     I hae heard thy cry, my little girl!
     Oh no!
     This one is not of mine...
     This is someone else...
     My sweet daughter, besides thee
     Where can I find thee, little one?
     I should find thy place!
     And so, let it be done!
     I should find thy place my dearest! -
     I had found a lot but thee
     Try to reach thy pale-blue fingers... my Selinda!
     Come to mummy little girl!
     Poor mortal whore...
     Doth belong to eternity...
     Having lost all the mind of her own
     By the way she's bewitched
     With some of Luciferian spells
     But doth not bewitched one
     Have a good time in hell,
     Have a nice time in hell?
     It shalt arise from the tomb of itself...
     Shalt be haunting for the aim
     That is inaccessible
     Selinda, here I am! Try to bereave
     Thy mother of her pain and her bequest, Selinda...
     I do belong now to eternity...
     As it should be with whore bewitched by thee,
     My daughter...
     Selinda, dear, abandon gloomy sleep! -
     We'll fly away from here to an eternity...
     Selinda, come to me and may the stars
     Shine in the sky and waste their light for us.
 9. Sphinx
     (In the first chamber was a Dragon-Man, clearing
     away the rubbish from a cave's mouth; within a
     number of Dragons were hollowing the cave. In
     the second chamber was a Viper folding round
     the rock and the cave, and others adoring it
     with gold, silver and precious stones. In the
     third chamber was an Eagle with wings and
     feathers of air: he caused the inside of the
     cave to be infinite. Around were numbers of
     Eagle-like men who built palaces in the immense
     cliffs. In the fourth chamber were Lions of
     flaming fire, raging around and melting the
     metals into living fluids)
     As thus that creature had been hidden
     Between the stone-cold walls of kloof
     And nane se dare to look for this ae -
     I'm looking forward the next ae
     There are a lot of dark dimensions,
     The ninefold darkness hath nae borders
     And its abode is sae self-closed as
     Everything becometh this ae.
     Those beings stay forever countless.
     What kind of them I'd like to show thee?
     And lo, this ae's the most important.
     Therefore sae little dost thou see
     As anyone doth... I'd like to ask thee
     What kind of them - I mean that being
     Hath four the pillars in the Morning
     And two of them - I mean the pillars -
     Se be despised by Day and then -
     It wilt be taken by the Even
     Wha giveth to it the other ae.
     Wi' four or two or three it liveth...
     What hae I thought to be?
     Why wert thou so dear?
     You've just erupted as a... curse -
     Your mystic name's Nehemiah!
     Believe in hell
     As it has been seen by people
     Things are really very differ
     I do not believe in hell
     Devil doth exist and dwell
     In your fears, deep into night
     As his living was described
     I could not evoke its prose 'cause
     I could not believe his bride.
     By no means I do believe the devil is here
     D-d-d-d-devil is here
     D-d-d-d-devil is near
     Much nearer than thou canst imagine thyself my dear
     M-m-m-my mortal friend
     W-w-w-when thou see thine end
     Thou wilt also see what wad have been enshrouded on thy bed...
     I am a sphinx!
     Eternal light inside the dead of night
     I am a sphinx
     Behind thy stupid mind
     Behind thy sight,
     'Tis cataract of
     My chants in sonorous archangelical tongue
     Sweep thee awa' wi' howl
     Thus I am to keep thee for aye in awe
     I am a sphinx... aloof wi' thee
     I wad not like to be the guide of thine anon and for all time!
     Since ye could no longer be alone -
     It won't be left undone henceforth.
     Why were flowers for Margaux
     Not sent for? Sae she hath gone
     Shadow fell upon her eyne
     Doth she sleep or hath she died?
     Winds ye scratch her coffin now
     Make it fly, make it fall down:
     May she roll onto her way
     Sweeping dust and getting grey
     May her lash rise suddenly
     May she watch what she should be
     May she gae frae her ash-bin
     Having stared at the welkin
     She doth wear much larger size
     Of the corpses for disguise
     She se fly frae dress like that
     She se fall and blow awa'
     May she graze amid the trees
     Wi' inherited greediness
     May the rope be wanton's tie
     'Tis not hard for risen ae.
     Hast thou e'er looked through the mirror?
     Hast thou ne'er tried to see her?
     Hast thou e'er seen as a suit
     Her verisimilitude!
     "Ye cannot stay the way ye used to be
     Ye cannot stay the way ye are
     This ae hath kept you trembling, hasn't he?
     Hath kept you kneeling to your God."
     Wert thou ne'er being seduced
     By suspicions when they came wi' night to thee?
     To thee who swarmest up to be
     The crown of all the wights?
     "I ran to gorgon like you.
     I wish I hadn't sped to you
     Suddenly I came -
     I wished I'd never come to gloomy lair"
     My curse is my pride is to devour devil's brew
     I am feeling abhorrence but speaking to you
     As your fiend he does lurk at the most hidden glade
     Of your mind - I'll be able to show you your fate
     'Tis so hard to believe - you have not understood
     Can you see? -
     "No, I can't but I wish I could...
     If it were so easy I would really drain
     The soil o' my tomb..."
     And escape far away!
     Have you not vivified your religion and kneeled
     To the power of GOD?
     "Did you not ask me
     If it made me be scared..."
     If it makes you believe
     You will never visit the gorgon like me!
     Do you feel like flying - and so shall we fly!
     You tear me asunder and lo - so do I!
     You'll get your wight torn by the celestial wise
     Amongst howling skies fall adown anywise!
     Why is being cold in here?
     The answers were sent for.
     Kloof hath begotten thousands riddles since chaos...
     (For aught I know)
     Am I those wha ye have not as yet seen before?
     And ye are pale reflections
     So looking glass am I
     Asquint ye stare though my surface
     And ask 'self: Wha am I
     My voice is only icy wind
     Upon thy lips - 'tis dirge of thine
     Voracious stranger!
     Se thou have seen what I hae seen?
 10. Wrapped In Mystery
     (In fifth chamber were Unnamed forms, which cast the metals into the expanse)
     "So I remained looking thoughtfully at the humble grave
     For a minute trying to make out
     What's been hidden there for years
     hat it wants to speak to me
     Stuff and nonsense!
     It's absolutely mute so it is full of bones,
     And worms,
     And brown remains in rotten rags"
     I used to comprehend all thoughts of thine
     Thou wert my bond
     Oh, devil's concubine
     Who could not wait to die
     (Neither could I)
     Thou hast embodied grandeur of virtue
     Which took event
     When thou wert slept
     Nane could perceive it till thy doom...
     ...Abducted thy attachment and spirited thee off.
     Light in thy casements turned to deep dusk for aught I know
     "Ye wad have glimpsed the outline of her in the Scotch mist
     She wrapped in mystery so did she not e'er exist?
     It takes place during the night
     When ye tend to turn off the lights
     Wrapped in mystery askance she looks at thee
     Towards the conformity!
     Thou can't deplore the bones of thine for aye
     As soon as corpse decay
     Ghost hath to fade away
     Evince the senseless corpse -
     The senseless corpse of thine
     Sunk into oblivion!"
     Nane shalt annoy its rest
     Nane shalt annoy its rest
     Nane shalt turn that soil to annoy!
     Do let's jog as frenzy feasts
     With cunning it affects us all
     All sincere senses are to fall
     Under its burden
     Ah, meanwhile it strides o'er corpses
     Only ghost is to survive
     The tedious phrases can't describe
     All incarnations of...
     Never-ending essence
     Diabolo he was named
     He's monster in the mortal flesh
     Strikes in weak corpse of yours
     Strikes in weak mind of yours
     Penetrating all your thoughts
     Never-ending essence
     Diabolo he was named
     "So I remained looking thoughtfully at the phantom
     For a minute trying to make out
     How it could appear... What it wants to speak to me
     Stuff and nonsense! It's absolutely mute!"
     He's to be your eyes -
     What are you to see?
     He's to be your ears -
     What are you to hear?
     There is nothing to be done but to serve him!
     If you do not mind so you're to do!
     Methought thou wert departed
     Methought thou'd gone without any explanation
     Utterly I was proud that I wad ne'er hae seen
     The"subject of my pride"
     I've got to wear the same way
     Because of suicide!
     Stormy night sways wooden cross
     Without any screed or remorse
     Wrapped in mystery thou shalt beget thy sigh
     Thy screech"Wha am I"?
     It takes place during the night
     When ye tend to turn off the lights
     Wrapped in mystery askance she looks at thee
     Downwards the conformity!
     When I close my eyes I see
     Only dead of night entirely... So dark
     I am afraid to cease the dream of mine
     So you ought to believe the lie
     Believe in grave or you may die
     Believe in cavalcade of destiny
 11. Darken The Murals
     (There they were revealed by Men who occupied
     the sixth chamber, and took the forms of
     books and were arranged in libraries)
     Alas for woe! Alas for woe! -
     It is high time to see the foe
     To know the law does claim your soul
     Alike the mute and helpless doll
     Thus claim you for its very own.
     However the shadows grew longer and longer
     As evening fell - don't go beyond the last house
     Your village remindeth me an island in billow
     Of pestilent breeds have been running 'gainst us
     Ye shalt die
     Well to be sure!
     But whilst ye are drowning - ye need no cure
     Don't implore
     Don't supplicate
     Ye shalt rot to the core before it's too late!
     Ye regard this solace as amongst cavalcade...
     Of ire and delirious barking at church
     There is no need to go there without faithful torch
     The murals of hers do encumber to see
     There is only one way to contumacy
     Down the face!
     The face of yours
     Come closer to the grace like that
     Shut it so close...
     As ye can...
     Imbrue her hills
     The harridan's corpse was entwined 'bout by the...
     Great worm's asp alike
     That's your funeral... Hih!
     Lo, Thou hast procured her fragrant
     Thou didst debar her insolent folks
     And as ye look through those mirrors on her walls
     There are gargoyles flit ye about!
     What were ye looking for?
     What were ye looking at?
     When this ae had been found by you
     Had ye expected thing like that?
     Indubitable ae's deep coomb alike
     Darken the murals - do not see the light
     Under palatial family vaults
     Lay open the graves... Let their prisoners rise!
     Their eyne's dry...
     More so than thine
     Dauber of murals that shalt never shine
     Solemn hues which nane wilt ever see
     Thy art is the way to contumacy
     Hath anyone e'er confined thy legacy?
     Do not crepitate!
     Soporific anthem is swimming so slowly...
     It's protected by them
     By the superstitions do rule everywhere
     Can ye die?
     I deem ye should give it a try!
     Sylvan dark
     Decrease the light
     Shall ye fly towards the dawn o' total night?
     Sleepwards red and feculent sky
     Why have ye never read my rhyme?
     But anyhow... ye should give it a try!
     Abysm provideth thy fall
     Abysmal mirrors on her walls
     Thou shalt acquire their mercy back
     If thou believe them - fall adown and break thy neck
     For the sake of evil
     For the sake of... I don't care
     Why do ye always try to attain "famine of yours" so ye acquire your pain
     Mortals! Why was your quest so discourteous then?
     If ye might have seen whether gift would be sent down...
     E'en my sight was aghast when that shining nail
     Was being pierced through the chest of the mass... knife alike
     If ye e'er want to see - do not look for your eyes. -
     And then - in days of yore - ye may creep to and fro:
     Care of mine wilt be taken by ME: say FAREWELL
     ...to be continued...
 12. Epilogue
     ...и вьются бесы у огня...
     З чем же не при свете дня
     Вы еть изволили меня?
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