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Стиль: folk\rock
Город: Минск

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«Is Out Of Real...» - 1999

Трэк лист:

1. Enough...
2. Nevertheless
3. …Is out of real…
4. Comme pour l'amour…
5. Spirit
6. The last scene
7. Day in day out
8. The hating love (loving hate)
9. Instead of life
10. Goddess
11. It came to be (Song of memory)

 Enough of love,
 Enough of tough.
 I drop this key
 And my words the overdue:
 'Live my life for you!'
 So there were no life-spaces,
 Day goes down and erases, 
 So there were, there were 
 No life, no life, no spaces!
 Why does somethin' come in our lives? 
 Forgotten things get up from the ruin.
 Again you see the sunrise, 
 Again you let them come in! 
 But the needle pins you, pins me,
 And I can't bear them to see.
 Keeping heart deep inside,
 Hiding cries in my eyes, 
 Pulling hair on my head,
 Singing song about my home, 
 I am going far away, 
 Though I wish, wish to stay!
 So can't you see the Sunshine?
 The Sun is rising over the Land!
 Why can't you see the Sunshine?
 The Sun is rising over the Land!
 Life passes, I don't care. 
 One day my world'll become a dust.
 See it is almost covered with rust! 
 Then, please, forget my lair,
 Forget my face, my name, 
 But keep my thoughts the same!
 Our lives lay into your eyes.
 Love from you turns and lies.
 Die and you will see my youth.
 In a mirror my life reflects,
 Take a look through it and find out my truth.
 I haven't home,
 I cannot roam, 
 I don't know 
 Where I've been from.
 Our thoughts fly deep into the sky.
 Their world turns back the friend of mine. 
 The truth we seek but cannot find.
 In our brains we hide the spirit of mind.
 And we can't see the walk of life.
 I sleep alone,
 I live alone.
 I sleep (I sleep),
 I eat (I eat),
 I creep (I creep),
 I seat (I seat),
 Deadly one!
 The face of shadow will change its look
 And the terrible will grow to a nice
 And the death will mix with life.
 …Is out of real…
 I left my memory in a glass.
 Now my body's as a deadly mass.
 I opened my eyes many years ago.
 People and dates are like a river that blows.
 I do nothing for you I just live so!
 So my roof is out of real!
 I felt it had been gone,
 I knew it was just going home.
 Time turns so quickly slow,
 Life burns row by row!
 I felt it had been gone,
 I knew it was just going home.
 Time turns so pretty slow,
 Life burns row by row!
 My life's like a game,
 My face's like a toy.
 I've lost my name
 By the hand of a small boy!
 Comme pour l'amour…
 My bones are crushed,
 My dreams are smashed,
 My skull with a hole 
 And heart without blood!
 Comme pour l'amour, comme pour le mort
 Tu n'est pas jeune.
 Comme pour l'amour, comme pour le mort
 Tu n'est pas vieile.
 Comme pour l'amour, comme pour le mort
 Tu me tenis tres fort et me fair tomber…
 Bien sur
 L'amour pour tour, le mort pour seul.
 L'amour pour tour, le mort pour seul.
 Close your eyes and
 Pray for salvation.
 Take my sin and
 Pray for violation.
 Am I devil?
 Pray for war.
 Am I judge?
 Pray for law.
 Can I slay?
 Pray for luck.
 Can I pray?
 No, there is no way.
 Open mind,
 Stop the fight.
 I am Evil
 And I won't die!
 My bones are crushed,
 My dreams are smashed,
 My skull with a hole 
 And heart without blood!
 I know it's end.
 I'm dead, so what?
 Life is so close,
 I don't want it, no!
 My life dies away.
 If they want they slay.
 The priest does his rite,
 I set off my last flight...
 The land smells pleasant.
 There is a calm wind above it.
 Trees whisper something at the top,
 But heavy stone presses it,
 Presses on my weak breast.
 When he pronounces
 Last prayer I shall die!
 Right now he is saying this,
 But spirit can control time.
 Just it is stopping it.
 Constant wind is on a hill I stand.
 To live is to die!
 Death is a dark cave, freedom too.
 Even death may die.
 What I could I've done. 
 Now I'm to die!
 All is said and done.
 I'll never see Earth's sun. 
 The priest rises cross. 
 I feel that Land is frost…
 The last scene
 If I could only turn the time back.
 If I could only see my future.
 Then the lot things could not char. 
 Then the Sun did not become black.
 I poured my wine 
 Just on a gloomy dirtу floor.
 The Sun lost the shine
 And I pointed at out door.
 I don't want this sin
 It's the last day
 It's the last scene 
 That you will play.
 For one I break the clank of chains
 For another bring the pot of pain.
 I remember days we were free
 Why have you pointed your finger at me?
 I belived it wasn't a myth
 And don't touch my true belief.
 Another day, another light,
 But the same Sun,
 The same life.
 Another night, another blood,
 But the same fate, 
 The same God.
 There is a silence 
 Over the place
 There is a tear
 Upon her face.
 They dawn the world
 They live in.
 They hate the day
 They were born.
 And you are just to
 Leave our land
 I just have to 
 Goodbye, my friend…
 Day in day out
 Day by day 
 We drink our lives
 And the mirror of times
 Reflects bloody cries.
 Day in day out …Silence
 Day in day out … Dying land
 Day in day out … I am dying
 Day by day 
 Following shout.
 The scream of my heart
 Becomes so loud.
 With my every play 
 I approach my closing day.
 Every day I create 
 My own way.
 The hating love (loving hate)
 Now there is no place in my heart
 To love it again.
 Whatever it cost, wherever it's far
 How can I gain?
 The thing so easy being called love?
 Will feel it again?
 What have I got instead of that love?
 What I got instead of white dove?
 Black-eyed hate destroyed it so clear
 Leaving neither pain nor fear.
 As you read this know.
 Before my voice is gone,
 Until your soul is loaned
 Your life will be just a show.
 Pray for Christ, pray for God,
 Put your face in mud but
 All around be just show.
 Love me 
 If you heart had been broken
 Would you have been happy?
 Love me
 How can I love
 When there is hate above?
 Instead of life
 Instead of life you choose to die.
 Hi, my friend. 
 You know I see
 Your mind's insane,
 Your face is sad
 Understand me
 Only suffering I gain.
 Walking on sand,
 Lying red again
 My fear remain
 And I scream in a pain.
 I choose the light,
 I choose the fight
    Instead of life
 I give thee a torn
 I give thee my throe
    Instead of life
 So tell me why
 Isn't it easy?
 I hate my face
 Now my embrace
    Instead of life
 Your word's so cold
 I don't want this throne
    Instead of life
 'Cause my singing life is so lazy.
 This lazy song became my throne.
 Where have I seen? 
 Where have I heard?
 From a crazy little bitch 
 I have never met?
 I'm so pretty!
 I'm so clever!
 I'm a beauty
 And I have never, never, never…
 Crazy! Stone, cold, crazy bitch!
 I was born to rule the midnight air
 I myself create a throne around my chair
 Whole world belongs to me and my thought
 I was born to rule and I'm fair.
 Do as I say not as you do
 Do as I say not as you think and may
 Follow my ass nothing more from you
 But I won't do as you crew.
 Why have I seen? 
 Why have I heart
 From a crazy little bitch
 I have never met?
 It came to be (Song of memory)
 Something stops the human's mind.
 Something kills just what it find.
 It came to be
 And I have to be much stronger.
 It came to be
 But I can't bear it any longer.
 So let the poison flow in veins 
 Of poor crazy me
 So let this song be memory
 Of poor crazy
 I understand it is too hard to live
 But is the Death just all you wanna give?
 Something was injected in my brain
 So were I am in the house for the insane.
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